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Botox, Body Sculpting, & Dermal Fillers

Botox, Body Sculpting, & Dermal Fillers
Established in 2004, The Epsom Skin Clinic & The Surbiton Skin Clinic is a family business and was set up by Dr Paul Steventon and Matthew Barnes. The experienced team of Doctors and Nurses incorporate medical skin care, advanced anti-ageing, and state of the art face and body aesthetic treatments to create a tailor-made treatment system for their clients to achieve beautiful, natural results.

Here Dr Paul Steventon chat's to us about a typical day in the 'life' of his clinics

"My day begins at 9am when I arrive at the clinic. I greet the other members of my team and discuss the day ahead; medical guidance is given where necessary. I can see up to 18 clients in a full day at the skin clinic - things change in real time as patient's cancel or book on the day. My top priority, as on all days, has to be with ensuring our clients needs and expectation are managed to the highest standards.

What I really enjoy about the skin clinic is the diversity of my day. I can go from a simple query about a rash to removing a facial vein with laser to removing 2 litres of fat from an abdomen!

Initial consultations last approximately 30 minutes but follow-ups and repeat Botox can take as little as 15 minutes. Minor operations to remove unwanted moles can take up to 45 minutes depending on the complexity of the procedure - careful stitching needs time and a steady hand.

Planning the correct treatment for each and every client is challenging, as they are all so individual. Clients often present with many areas of concern and need my guidance to achieve the result they are looking for.

As part of their initial consultation I have plenty of time to discuss all the things they are concerned about and what options we have at the clinic that can help. After the consultation clients leave knowing all their options, the benefits and possible risks of the treatments options and can make an informed decision on the direction they would like to take.

The most rewarding part of my day has to be when a client expresses their satisfaction with my work. A procedure which often get this reaction is Laser Liposuction, when we have one of these scheduled, the clinic routine changes completely. Two rooms are used by myself, a nurse and a therapist form the surgical team, spending an entire morning or afternoon slowly and methodically sculpting various body parts into a more pleasing shape. We can remove up to three litres of excess fat from a client and often results in dress size reduction with in two weeks. This is especially rewarding to me as it uses all my experience and training to the full".

For further details on treatments...

Epsom Skin Clinic T: 01372 737280 Surbition Skin Clinic: 020 8399 5996

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