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Review: Footopia, Chelsea

Review: Footopia, Chelsea
Let's talk about feet. They're often the most neglected part of your body, and yet they're probably the one's put through their paces the most. 

Summer is here and sandals are beckoning to be worn. Sandals are great, but let's be honest, they damage our feet like nothing else. After all... pain is beauty!

Thankfully, a trip to Footopia came just at the right time: I was booked in for a luxury pedicure. Starting as a concession in the Sloane Square department store, Peter Jones, the spa has expanded, opening their flagship on Chelsea Manor Street, which offers a range of treatments from manicures and pedicures, to podiatry services.

The treatment included the usual nail tidy, paint and skin buff. But what makes the experience unique, is the use of Footopia's signature products designed by Karin Herzog, containing oxygen. This claims to really get below the skins surface and works its magic there. My feet instantly felt better, and for the first time, I wasn't ashamed to show them off. It's amazing what a pedicure can do!

Personal note: whilst I was there I spoke with the in-house podiatrist about a trouble I was having with my foot (and yes, most probably the result of inappropriate shoe wearing). He was extremely knowledgeable and sussed my problem straight away. I can't recommend him enough. 

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