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Meet the Designer: Olive Cooper

Meet the Designer: Olive Cooper
What's a hard-working, professional girl to do when at the very last-minute she's invited to a party, after work? Yes, the clothes you are wearing are perfect, your Jimmy Choos are spotless, but the bag? 

The work bag has seen better days: its beaten down and tired from being lugged around everyday. Not to mention it is absolutely huge, and would be knocking over canapés - champagne from peoples hands!

But your (handbag) fairy Godmother is here to help: Olivia - aka Olive - with her Olive Cooper bags. A woman on a mission, she strived to answer the prayers of every professional woman, by making large workbags at parties and events a thing of the past. 

We caught up with the British designer to find out more...

1. What is the definitive (must-have) style handbag for the Chelsea girl?

I wouldn't want to narrow this down too much - all of our Olive Cooper bags are a must-have for any Chelsea girl - I guess it just depends on the girl!

2. What is always in your handbag?

My diary (to keep on track), a bronzing powder (for the long days), a lipstick (for an impromptu meeting), my iPad (to track sales and keep updated).

3. Who and What inspires you?

I started working in London last year. London is such a fast-paced city. You always have to keep up with the speed and energy, or you're at risk of going unnoticed or missing out. Everyone is running back and forth, and diving from desk to dinner at the speed of light.

It was this realisation that inspired me to develop a product that enabled you to take the time to appreciate quality and beauty. To remind you how easy it is to be flexible and spontaneous. To encourage you to be practical, yet remain fashionable. We're starting with handbags.

4. What is so important to you about British manufacturing? What values do you strive to keep?

Making in Britain allows us to oversea every stage of our production, and ensure quality is at its best. Further, I want to keep skilled craftsmanship alive in Britain. So many companies make abroad, and stitch the final piece together on British land, allowing them the status of Made in Britain. But, that isn't what it should be about. All of our products are made entirely in the UK, and they always will be.

5. What makes your bags unique?

Our bags look like one single beautiful bag on the shelf. However, the large front pocket can be subtly detached to become a second smaller bag. Importantly, both bags look great apart, as well as together. 

6. At what moment did you come up with the detachable evening bag?

I was fed up of my aching shoulders as I ran around London jumping between meetings or going out for drinks in the evening. My entire workbag came everywhere - it just wasn't ideal.

7. What sort of woman holds your bags?

Female professionals, who shop in the likes of Liberty, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Matches (amongst others). Spends her weekends taking city breaks, shopping and/or having coffee in Marylebone, Chelsea and Mayfair, and enjoys dining. She buys mid-high end brands, excessive and unique pieces, and enjoys quality.

8. What's the difference between the Regent Collection and the Edge Collection?

The Regent Collection is our primary collection, made for women who enjoy classic styles and a bold image. The Edge Collection is for women who enjoy unique quality pieces, but in a toned down manner. 

9. What does the future hold for Olive Cooper bags?

That would be telling! But let's just say, you're going to want to stick around...

There are no excuses now: you can be a working girl AND society girl, everyday. And with everything made in Great Britain, what's not to love?

Olive Cooper is now available at Shop Chelsea.
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